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In this chapter:

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(1) ELIGIBLE PARTICIPANT- The term eligible participant means —

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(A) an individual with substantial, demonstrable career experience, including a highly qualified paraprofessional; or

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(B) an individual who is a graduate of an institution of higher education who —

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(i) has graduated not more than 3 years before applying to an eligible entity to teach under this chapter; and

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(ii) in the case of an individual wishing to teach in a secondary school, has completed an academic major (or courses totaling an equivalent number of credit hours) in the academic subject that the individual will teach.

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(2) HIGH-NEED LOCAL EDUCATIONAL AGENCY- The term high-need local educational agency has the meaning given the term in section 2102.

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(3) HIGH-NEED SCHOOL- The term high-need school means a school that —

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(A) is located in an area in which the percentage of students from families with incomes below the poverty line is 30 percent or more; or

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(B)(i) is located in an area with a high percentage of out-of-field teachers, as defined in section 2102;

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(ii) is within the top quartile of elementary schools and secondary schools statewide, as ranked by the number of unfilled, available teacher positions at the schools;

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(iii) is located in an area in which there is a high teacher turnover rate; or

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(iv) is located in an area in which there is a high percentage of teachers who are not certified or licensed.